Roz Edwards

D51 – Momentum When A New Business Starts Working

Having ideas is easy. Starting a business is relatively easy. Getting into it all and a new routine however needs strict disci

D24 – Facebook Pages Vs Facebook Groups

So which one is best? To be fair, both are. You need both. One for a more ‘corporate’ or ‘official’ fr


I’m currently¬†encouraging members of the 100 Day Goal group run by my friend Julia Bickerstaff to join in tweeting usin

D12 – Before And After

I am a huge fan of the before and after photographs when clearing and sorting out a space for it to become productive. I’

Spag Bol

Spag Bol in a Slow Cooker Chucked in the pot in this order: Coconut Oil Chopped red onion Mince of whatever kind you choose Le

The 3 Pot Cooker

The 3 pot cooker I purchased a couple of years ago is one of my most favourite gadgets for saving time doing the basic cooking

D7 – Clutter Clearing Zero Waste Minimalist Recourses

Before embarking on any kind of project, new year or if I’m generally mentally down in the dumps I generally reach for o

D2 – Enough Time

So much time and so little to see. Time taken up with white noise and clutter and chaos. Difficult to see what’s importa

First 50 Days

The beginning of a New Year is always a weird time for me. The actual NYE is always an anti climax situation and I usually sta

Mass Brain Dump

When I first started doing the 100 day goal I did a massive brain dump of every single little job that had to be done relevant

How To Spend Hours on Twitter

For info on the #100daygoal Twitter phenomenon please see this link. Every night on Twitter there are hours to get a conversat

100D3 – Mountains of Dollies

After the rain comes a cool breeze. But the mud it does get in ones boots And gets trampled everywhere. Day Three in the Big

D8 – Productive Space

Day 8 sees me thinking about the 2 acre site that I run my business from. For the last 4 years, I’ve been collecting man

Shake A Stick At

I often wonder where this came from or what it means, so being a bit of a fan of phrases I have been looking it up and came up

Stop GMAIL from grouping emails

I have just discovered how to turn off the annoying threading of emails received in Gmail when subject lines or email address