Roz Edwards

100D3 – Mountains of Dollies


After the rain comes a cool breeze.

But the mud it does get in ones boots

And gets trampled everywhere.

Day Three in the Big Challenge House and I seem to have spent the morning doing bugger all but get frustrated with WordPress Plugins. Never mind – have deleted them now and forgotten about it.

This afternoon I have been very good and created five ‘Quick Pallets’ of mannequin body parts from the mountain. We sell an incredible amount of mannequins at this time of year for Halloween. I’ve also had a bit of a clean up in the front yard. I guess I should show a map of Dollywood, from where I run Mannakin – then if anyone is reading they can see just how much of an almost impossible challenge I’ve set myself.

My FB page for Mannakin can be found here and we also run a ‘Mannequins At Halloween’ FB group – not for the faint hearted!

I now have to clear the mess that the children have managed to leave – bless them – and I might just do some work on my ‘Lazy Room’. More info to follow 🙂

Am I making productive space? Yes. Phew. Gin.

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