Roz Edwards

The 3 Pot Cooker

The 3 pot cooker I purchased a couple of years ago is one of my most favourite gadgets for saving time doing the basic cooking tasks. If I’m not doing a special meal then this is absolutely brilliant. More too I can freeze the pots as each one is a good size and then empty contents into a freezer bag. When time comes to use that particular meal, I can just put it in the slow cooker and voila – heaps of time saved.

But don’t get me wrong – I’m not Mrs Super Organised Cooking Motivational Woman by any means. Anything I cook in these things is literally thrown in and left to fend for itself whilst I go and do something useful.

Stay tuned for recipes and ideal things to bung into the slow cooker pots.

Ingredients bung in..

Several hours later and after a few stirs..

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