Roz Edwards

Who Am I


Since 2008 I have been running a mannequin hire company, firstly from home and now from a 2 acre site in the Lincolnshire countryside. See my Mannequin Hire page here. Or some mainstream press here. Prior to this I’ve had my own Internet Publishing Company and dealt in African Art for ten years.


My latest venture sees me helping others by donation. I have been told that I’ve inspired various women in business and this is something that in turn inspires me and makes me very happy. You can read more about it here and if you’d like to step in and find out about my irregular meets at my company HQ in Lincolnshire, then my announcements are made in this Facebook Group here. Initially these will be get togethers for members of Julia’s 100 day goal group.


I call myself a ‘Bemused Artist’ as I’m not always sure what is being created until it manifests. Being creative has always been with me. Without it I am at war with myself. I don’t like to plan too much, preferring to go with the flow around a chosen theme – dependent on what is happening at the time. I love the term ‘production’ and have been actively producing things for as long as I can remember.

My main inspiration is time travel, messages and visuals that make you stop, think, remember and dream – always in the interest of a better future for everyone involved and perhaps changing the viewers perspective from negative to positive. Humour or sarcasm or both is often projected in my pieces. Time travel is interesting to me because if possible, it would give you the power to change things in the past and have an accurately imagined knowledge of the future. To have foresight, vision, memories and stories to tell could give you power of control over the situations that life throws at us and create ones own destiny when used for navigation.

My piece for the Awful Halloween Walk – The White Helmets

But I draw and collect inspiration from all around us – with an emphasis on topical news, science fiction, space and time travel and nature. My artists to follow include Banksy, Jenny Holzer, Louise Bourgeois and my own father, who was a film maker. Although I must admit whilst influenced by these artists, most of my actual art comes from allowing myself space alone to sit, think and create – especially on long summer evenings that appear to go on forever – because of this, I don’t wear a watch and am nearly late for everything – preferring to live on my own time, not an invented one. I owe most of my ability to make and create from both of my parents, who always encouraged me to be creative – whether it was words, pictures or creations. I can and do use a variety of creative media and enjoy my music loud. Some of my work can be seen in the Ignorance is Bliss Gallery and I host an annual art event here.


I have a passionate interest in horses and especially the sport of eventing. Professionally, I’m a self made entrepreneur. I have 3 gorgeous children, 9 cats, 5 horses and 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I’m addicted to the Japanese Konmari way of life and as all of the above is clearly just not enough, I’m also a property developer.

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