Roz Edwards

D24 – Facebook Pages Vs Facebook Groups

So which one is best?

To be fair, both are. You need both. One for a more ‘corporate’ or ‘official’ front and one to surround and envelope the subject of your business. Let me give you some examples about the vision and reality of this.

Pages – The Vision

I run a company hiring mannequins and the rest of the world knows I have a ‘Facebook Page’ called Mannakin, because I created it, they all know it’s there! That’s great! My visitors can see who I am, what photo’s I post, competitions I run and nutcase videos that I, for some reason, involve myself in. All of my potential customers can also send me a message and like all my posts, comment loads and loads and recommend my page to their friends. I’ve even got some page followers! I’ve invited all my personal Facebook friends, but not all of them have taken up the invite yet.

Pages – The Reality

I have some followers that I have bribed. If they do view me on Facebook via a link or a post, they can find my phone number or send me a message. They don’t always like my posts, but may have viewed them (I don’t know – it’s called ‘post reach’ I think). Although they like what I’m doing and support me with a like, they don’t see everything I post and have never recommended my page to their friends. Most of my page followers have been gathered using targeted Facebook adverts that I have had to pay for. Each time I post something, only a small percentage of those who like my page actually receive my post in their news feed, you know, the thing that most of us are looking at for hours each day? If anything goes a little bit viral I get messages from Facebook inviting me to ‘Boost My Post’.

Groups – The Vision

I’m really amazed and astounded at how many people come to Dollywood to buy recycled mannequins and do you know what they do with them? Make them into Halloween props, that’s what! Amazing. So I created a group called ‘Mannequins at Halloween’. I mentioned it on the Mannakin Facebook Page just before Halloween and invited members to post pictures of their creations. I thought it a bit daft, possibly, but decided to give it a go.

Groups – The Reality

As soon as I mentioned it on my Mannakin Facebook Page and added some personal friends (which I could do so as I wished, without their permission) it went crazy. I got notifications every time someone posted something and so did every member of the group, my notifications went wild and the group members experienced the same. More people added their friends (which they could do so without their permission) and off it went, like a wildfire.

In conclusion then (all experiments have a conclusion, yes?) you need an official Facebook page to promote all your basic, corporate business stuff, but to create a Facebook Group surrounding the topics of your business will have far greater ‘reach’ (there, I understand it now) and you can moderate it and advertise in it for free, knowing that all the members will constantly get reminders about it. In my experience, it is well worth the effort.

If you haven’t created a Facebook Group about your Business Page, then DO IT NOW.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Catering Company Page – Post your favourite recipes to share Group.
  • Knitted Rag Doll Page – How to and all about the history of rag dolls and how to knit tips Group.
  • Social Media Business Page – Sharing top tips on getting ones head around social networks Group.
  • Business Selling Cars Page – Sharing information about basic car maintenance Group.

Have fun and do please feel free to post your Page and Group creations in the comments below.

R x