Roz Edwards

D2 – Enough Time


So much time and so little to see.

Time taken up with white noise and clutter and chaos.

Difficult to see what’s important.

I’m constantly writing lists, organising and tidying.

Today was a good day. I progressed towards my ‘Productive Space’ goal and noted the following random things:

  1. I rode my horse today for the first time in months. Good job he had a neck strap on.
  2. I deleted pages of electronic clutter on this domain and chose a different theme.
  3. I spent – for the third day in a row – another hour clearing the ditch of overgrowth by hand.
  4. I spent good time albeit short time with my team of staff.
  5. I actually ate, twice today.
  6. I wore a beanie hat all day to cover up my bad hair day.
  7. Noted the amount of things to do that go through my head everyday.
  8. Want to start pilates. #notetoself
  9. Asked kids to fill dishwasher. Failed.
  10. Spent a good hour burning garden rubbish and drinking a Budweiser or three. That was quite pleasant.

I’m writing down the things I do each day to prove to myself just how small are the number of things that are important to me are and how much time I have to do them. I am a bugger for avoiding things that I love to do because I feel guilty about the amount of time I spend on them. Onwards..

2 thoughts on “D2 – Enough Time

  1. Francesca

    Glad I’m not the only one wanting a beer at the end of the day! Good luck with the dishwasher..

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