Roz Edwards

Mass Brain Dump

When I first started doing the 100 day goal I did a massive brain dump of every single little job that had to be done relevant to my life in the following categories:

  • Domestics
  • Family
  • Vehicles
  • Horses
  • Business
  • Property management
  • Miscellaneous

I then put them into four groups:

  • Only I can do these jobs and they need doing now
  • Only I can do these jobs but they can wait or be put in an annual diary (property management featured heavily here)
  • All of these I can and must delegate
  • All of these things are FAFF and can be done but shouldn’t waste time

This gave me:

  • A clear head
  • A list of things I could add to that I had forgotten
  • My staff clear and precise job descriptions
  • An operations manual for the business
  • Time allocation for important things
  • Better use of time

Grab some paper and start with your own categories, then brain dump. I will mention more about the four groups for prioritising work a bit later on.


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